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  • 2023.03.06

Samsung exhibits an eco-conscious booth at European Congress of Radiology 2023

Samsung to introduce eco-conscious paper-based display stand.

Samsung Electronics and Samsung Medison (hereinafter referred as Samsung) participated in the European Congress of Radiology 2023 (ECR) held in Vienna, Austria, from March 1st to 5th. At booth #501 (Expo. X5), Samsung exhibited various diagnostic imaging equipment such as ultrasound and digital radiography.


Samsung not only realizes fascinating performance for accurate diagnosis, but also accelerates innovation by considering eco-consciousness in product design, production, packaging, and exhibition.


 The event saw the introduction of several new ultrasound systems, including the premium radiology ultrasound systems 'RS85 Prestige', 'V8', and 'V7', which boast accurate diagnostic features that help healthcare professionals make decisions with clear imaging performance. 


The event also highlighted the introduction of small-sized transducer 'miniER7', which relieves patients' pain during a prostate ultrasound, and a technology that shows the amount of fatty tissue in the liver as a percentage.
* Probe : Equipment that transmits and receives ultrasound signals.


In digital radiography, Samsung presented various products with excellent usability and mobility, including AccE GC85A's Vision feature, which enhances the convenience of patient monitoring and imaging by applying Samsung's latest camera solution. The AccE GM85, with its long-lasting battery that can be fully charged in 3 to 4 hours and used for about 10 hours without additional charging, was also introduced, along with the Glass-Free Detector which is 27% lighter than the previous version.

* Detector : Equipment that detects X-Ray and converts them to be visible to humans.


Samsung relentlessly innovated through new products and solutions, shared core values such as efficiency and mobility. Samsung’s booth was as eco-conscious as possible highlighting its goal of ‘Everyday Sustainability’, praised by numerous visitors.

Samsung, as a part of an eco-conscious project, developed a shockproof packaging structure that replaced from EPE foams used in product packaging with paper-based corrugated cardboard and Corrupad. Last year, it won the award KAPPE Prize of the Korea Star Awards and was selected as Korea’s Green Product of the Year.


"Samsung Healthcare is pursuing technology innovation in various areas to meet the needs of customers," said Kyu Yoo, Executive Vice President, Head of Global Sales & Marketing at Samsung Electronics’ Health & Medical Equipment Business Division, "From product designing to packaging, and to exhibiting, we will continuously aim to protect the environment and run eco-conscious management considering carbon reduction."​