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  • 2024.05.14

Samsung Medison, Setting Up a Space for Medical Staff Training

Samsung Medison (CEO, Yongkwan Kim) arranged a place to demonstrate the performance

Samsung Medison, Setting Up a Space for Medical Staff Training

□ Opening of Training Center the SUITE Lab in Gangdong District Headquarters

□ Developing Skilled Professionals through Technical Training and Providing Brand Experience of Samsung Medical Device

Samsung Medison (CEO, Yongkwan Kim) arranged a place to demonstrate the performance of its product and hold training sessions for medical professionals.

Samsung Medison established a training center, the SUITE Lab and held an opening ceremony on May 13 at its headquarters in Gandong district, Seoul.

Training center the SUITE Lab is an acronym of Samsung Ultrasound Institute of Technology and Education, expressing the intention to utilize the training center as a cradle of technology and education.

The plans of Samsung Medison for the SUITE Lab, the new educational training venue are to foster professionals skilled at utilizing Samsung’s medical devices through systemic technology education as well as to strengthen the customer experience by exhibiting its various products such as premium diagnostic ultrasound device HEAR W10 Elite, RS85 Prestige, and digital X-ray machine AccE GM85, etc. with hands-on experience opportunity.

※Prestige, Elite is not a product name but is a marketing terminology.

Especially, more various activities such as clinical training program for corporation · partner, and workshop and seminar jointly with conference for domestic and international medical professionals are planned to take place by actively utilizing the new place as a hub.

The SUITE lab consists of auditorium with capacity of 300 seats (Discovery Hall), medium-sized auditorium, product demonstration room (Practice Room), and training room (Insight Room). The meanings behind the names are to discover newness through educational training and explore insight through practice.

During the opening ceremony in last 13rd with all employees attended at Discovery Hall in the SUITE Lab, domestic and international medical professionals delivered their excitements and expectations through congratulation videos about the opening of Samsung Medison’s training center for the growth in medical device industry.

“The SUITE lab will take a leap forward as a training place for the advancement of medical device industry,” and “Samsung Medison will continuously provide high-quality training regarding its products and technologies,” said Sunmi Jeon, president of Samsung Medison’s Clinical Training Center.