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Real-time image streaming, discussion,
and remote control of ultrasound system

SonoSync is a real-time image sharing solution that allows collaborative communication and remote controllability for effective collaboration between physicians and sonographers at different locations. Apart from these, SonoSync has several other elegant features like marking, invitation, still image sharing, multi-user, and multi-view. SonoSync brings telesonography into reality.

Introductuon We strives for providing our valued customers opportunities to experience our medical innovation through constant educational research.

Demonstration on HERA W10 Video illustrates the real-time remote scan of 24weeks fetus (phantom) from a laptop on the HERA W10 system.

Demonstration on RS85 Prestige Video shows the real-time remote scan of carotid artery from a laptop and smartphone on the RS85 Presige system.

  • Live image streaming

    Sharing live ultrasound images to your smart device with excellent accessibility from anywhere
  • Remote control

    Superb remote controllability of ultrasound system’s control and touch panel from your personal computers.
    ※ Remote control feature only available on personal computers
  • Voice chatting & marking

    For voice communication and guidance using marking function between users at ultrasound system and smart device
  • Invitation

    For easy remote connection to target system just by a click to the link followed by login credential.
  • Image file sharing

    Share the saved image from the ultrasound system to the smart device for in-depth analysis
  • Multi-user

    Connect multiple users (up to 24) concurrently from different smart devices to an ultrasound system.
  • Multi-view

    Connect multiple ultrasound systems at different locations to one smart device.
  • Ensuring security

    Encrypts data as per HIPAA guidelines and CE-marked

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This features, options are not commercially available in all count future availability cannot be guaranteed.
Please consult with your local Area Manager for details on purchase of SonoSync SW.

SonoSync is an image sharing solution, not a diagnostic solution.