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Samsung Healthcare’s
Approach to COVID-19

A Message from Samsung Healthcare

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented hardship to so many countries, and we, Samsung Healthcare would like to sincerely thank all those healthcare workers around the world putting their unending efforts and making sacrifices to fight the COVID-19. With our products and services, we will do our best to support the front-line medical staffs in treating COVID-19 patients.

We have the product portfolio that can aid the diagnosis and treatment of contagious respiratory disease like COVID-19. Our mobile Digital Radiography (DR) and mobile CT systems can be used to screen patients in separate triage locations, and our Point-of-Care Ultrasound systems and mobile DR can be used to easily monitor the treatment progress of infected patients. We are focusing all our efforts on promptly providing these products to meet our customer's urgent needs by actively managing our inventory and supply chains and maximizing our production capacity for products such as mobile DR and mobile CT.

Moreover, we are providing disinfectant and cleaning guidelines on our website so that our customers can reference them to ensure safe use of our products. To minimize any inconvenience our customers may have, we are doing our best to provide our services as quickly as possible.

Samsung Healthcare believes that together, all of us will overcome this difficult and challenging situation very soon. We sincerely hope for the safety of you and all your loved ones.

FAQ regarding COVID-19


Q What products can Samsung Healthcare provide to help diagnosis of COVID-19 related symptoms?
A We are able to supply Digital radiography, Mobile CT and Ultrasound systems.
Samsung Healthcare provides Digital radiography, Mobile CT and Ultrasound systems that can be used in various medical fields for professional medical personnel.
The product information can be found at, and detailed inquiries should be addressed to our local affiliates and distributors.
Q Are there any Samsung Healthcare products that can be used in ICU, ER, OR and CCU* ?
A Samsung Healthcare offers the Hand-Carried Ultrasound systems, Cart-type ultrasound systems with built-in batteries, Mobile digital x-ray systems and Mobile CTs.
You can refer to product details on for more information.
- HM70 EVO (Easily Portable Hand-Carried Ultrasound System)

- HS40 (Cart-type ultrasound systems with built-in batteries)

- AccE GM85 (Mobile digital x-ray system)

- mCT (Mobile CTs)

*ICU (Intensive Care Unit), ER (Emergency Room), OR (Operation Room), CCU (Critical Care Unit)
Q How can I purchase Samsung Healthcare products?
A Please submit your inquiries at, our team will get in touch as soon as possible.
Our global network consists of local affiliates and distributors for each region.
We are commited to providing prompt responses to customer inquiries via local representatives from our network.

- For customer support, please visit
Q Can you visit our hospital for product demonstrations?
A We can provide product demos upon customer request if it is possible in accordance with the safety policies of each country and hospital.
We will let you know if the demonstration is possible in accordance with the safety policy of your country and hospital and will reply with a date.
Please contact us on the following website, and the local representatives will follow up with you as soon as possible.

Upon visiting, the HQ and partner employees will comply with the rules for visitors and infection prevention rules of each country and hospital.
For areas where product demos are difficult to proceed, we will inform you about alterntatives.
Q Can I purchase a product online?
A Online purchases are not available, but we can provide telephone and online consultation to come up with the best solutions.
Although there is no official online purchase service provided on our website,, we will offer the best possible solution through telephone and online consultation.
All products introduced on the Samsung Healthcare website are professional medical equipment for medical use and are recommended to be purchased after consulting with our sales representatives so that customers can select the most suitable products for each environment.
Q Will there be any delays in supply/delivery of Samsung Healthcare products?
A There may be shipping delays depending on the situation of each country, such as logistics restrictions.
Although there may be some delays in delivery depending on the logistics restriction of each country, Samsung Healthcare is trying to take proactive measures so that customers may receive our products with no difficulties.

Education & Clinical Support

Q Can you visit hospitals for clinical briefing sessions?
A Please contact us as the situation may vary according to each country.
The situation may vary depending on the COVID-19 prevention policy of each country, hospital, and Samsung Healthcare.
We are looking for other ways, such as email and telephone consulting as an alternative for in-person visits for clinical support to help you with the use of Samsung healthcare products. Contact us via our website and our local representatives will contact you with information on the availability of visits and consultations as soon as possible.
Q Do you provide ultrasound imaging guide for lungs?
A Yes, you can find the ultrasound imaging guide for lungs at the bottom of this page.
You can download the ultrasound Imaging guide for lungs from the "Can't find what you're looking for?" section at the bottom of the website by clicking on "Lung Ultrasound in COVID-19". There may be differences according to each product.
Q Do you provide online product training services?
A Yes, you can find online product training services for ultrasound HERA Series.
You can find online training services on how to use basic scanning and diagnostic functions of ultrasound systems.
Online training services are available free of charge only for customers who have purchased a product after signing up on the website below.
When accessing the training center, the purchase will be verified by registering the serial number on the back of your product.
Please place your mouse cursor/pointer on the "Knowledge Hub" at the top of this page and then click the "Education" menu.

Disinfection Guide

Q How can we disinfect and sterilize equipment and probes?
A We provide disinfection/sterilization guide for Digital radiography, Mobile CT and Ultrasound systems/Probes at the bottom of this page.
We provide disinfection/sterilization guide for Digital radiography, Mobile CT and Ultrasound systems/Probes at the bottom of this page.

Service Inquiry

Q Can we still receive service support if service engineers are unable to work due to spread of COVID-19?
A Service response can be delayed depending on the service engineer personnel status of each country.
Service response may be delayed depending on the service engineer status and the policies of each country.
However, Samsung Healthcare is doing its best to ensure stable service operation and minimize customer inconvenience by actively monitoring and responding to the service status of each country.
Q What are the service support guidelines for areas affected by COVID-19?
A Samsung Healthcare is currently providing services in accordance with the infection prevention policies of each country.
Service support may differ according to the policies regarding COVID-19 of each country and hospital as well as the policy of local Samsung Healthcare representatives.
To check the availability of services, please contact us via link below our website and our local representative will contact you as soon as possible.
Q In the case of limited service support, will the company be providing any compensation such as product discounts, warranty extensions, and etc?
A Samsung Healthcare is currently providing service support according to the infection prevention policies of each country.
Please consult your local Samsung Heathcare representatives for further inquiries.
Please contact our local representative via link below for further inquiries.
Q Will there be any impact on the supply of service materials due to COVID-19?
A The supply of certain service materials may be delayed due to shutdowns of workplaces and the relevant personnel working from home.
Samsung Healthcare has service materials for each hub around the world and is actively monitoring customer demand.
In addition, we are cooperating with our supply partners on changing situations and doing our best to prevent material supply delays by working with our shipping partners.

Online Solution

Q Do you provide online medical diagnostics services?
A We are providing SonoSync™, which allows us to share ultrasound images and audio between distant examination rooms or hospitals in real time.
We are providing SonoSync™, a feature which allows medical staff to discuss while sharing ultrasound images and audio in real time. Medical staff can cooperate faster and more effectively without having to move as it is possible to access on your PC, tablet and smart phones. Please find the details at the bottom of this page.

*SonoSync™ is an image sharing solution, not a diagnostic solution.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

* The products above are medical devices, please read the user manual carefully before use.