Dose Less,Care More From the very start Dose Less,Care More From the very start Dose Less,Care More From the very start

Samsung’s Low Dose Campaign is going to change your ordinary X-ray experience into our low dose imaging experience. Our commitment to lower dose for patient care even in pediatric will help you give more care to ones you love.
As even the smallest of us feel dose, the simplest of efforts can have the biggest effects.
We will accompany with you as a lifetime partner in the right way.

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Low Dose in S-Vue™ for Pediatric

S-Vue™ not only provides better image quality, but also secures better patient safety in pediatric radiography examinations.
With advanced noise reduction algorithm in S-Vue™ imaging processing engine, it cuts dose by 45% to low dose level for pediatric abdomen exams without sacrificing image quality.

45% Dose Reduction 45% Dose Reduction

Clinical Image Gallery

Adaptive multi-scale processing and advanced denoising technology deliver high-quality images even at reduced levels of radiation.

  • Case 1. Pediatric 6 months Case 1. Pediatric 6 months
  • Case 2. Pediatric 6 years Case 2. Pediatric 6 years
  • Case 3. Adult Chest PA Case 3. Adult Chest PA
  • Case 4. Adult Chest PA Case 4. Adult Chest PA
  • Case 5. Adult Chest PA Case 5. Adult Chest PA
  • Case 6. Adult Abdomen Case 6. Adult Abdomen
  • Case 7. Adult Abdomen Case 7. Adult Abdomen

* Note : The claim concerning Samsung DR is based on limited phantom and clinical study results. Only routine PA chest radiography and abdominal radiography for average adults and pediatric abdominal, chest, skull radiography were studied, excluding pediatric patients under 1 month old.(FDA cleared - K172229, K182183)In practice, the values of dose reduction may vary accordingly. These clinical images calculates the dose reduction rate from its own standard dose at the clinical site, unlike our FDA claim which compares dose between new IPE and old IPE. The clinical site is responsible for determining whether the particular radiographic imaging needs are not impacted by such x-ray dose reduction.

** Case 1,2 images were taken with GM85. / Case 3,4,5,6,7 images were taken with GC85A.

Phantom Study Result

S-Vue™ image processing engine cuts dose by 50% on chest X-ray with no loss in image excellence.

The new spatial noise reduction algorithm improved the overall image quality of digital chest phantom radiographs. We think that this will result in the ability to take
lower dose chest radiographs without sacrificing diagnostic confidence.

Dose Less Care More Dose Less Care More

“Radiation dose reduction in digital chest radiography with spatial noise reduction algorithm: semi-anatomical and anthropomorphic chest phantom studies” Source: IWPFI 2017, E-poster presentation, Seungho Lee, Semin Chong / Chung-Ang University (CAU) Hospital

About the Technology

S-Vue™ Newly Implements Advanced Denoising Processing

Samsung’s S-Vue™ uses protocol adaptive multi-scale processing to provide consistent and clear image quality. Especially, S-Vue™ advanced noise reduction processing technology provides feature-preserving noise reduction and coarse-noise cracking to make a better preservation of structural information and a better image quality even at lower radiation dose.

Dose Less Care More Dose Less Care More

Samsung’s Commitment for Low Dose

Samsung is constantly to lower dose exposure in X-ray scans to push ALARA(As Low As Reasonable Achievable) efforts to the next level for healthcare professionals. Our effort for lower does thorough development technology will continue.

Individual Blade Control

A 4-axis individual blade control function reduces unnecessary radiation dosage by enabling only specific radiation areas to be set as needed. This function is especially useful for pediatric chest examinations.

Optimized Exposure Condition for Pediatrics

Samsung's radiography system adjusts the exposure protocol to either 'baby' or 'child' settings according to the age of the pediatric patient. Especially, Pediatric Exposure Management helps avoid unnecessary x-ray exposure by providing 6-levels* of thoracic and abdominal exposure protocols depending on the size of the patient.

* 2 kg / 3.5 kg / 10 kg / 20 kg / 30 kg / 40kg

Automatic Filter with APR

To prevent excessive radiation exposure, Samsung’s X-ray system automatically applies 3 types of filter according to protocols.


SimGrid™, a grid-simluating software developed by Samsung, effectively removes scattered X-ray without using an anti-scatter grid in portable exams, and also provides image quality equivalent to that of grid images. In addition, the feature cuts dose by 18.7% compared to grid images, which not only enhances the workflow but also provides lower level of radiation exposures.*

* Su Yeon Ahn, MD, Kum Ju Chae, MD1, Jin Mo Goo, MD, PhD. (2018). The Potential Role of Grid-Like Software in Bedside Chest Radiography in Improving Image Quality and Dose Reduction: An Observer Preference Study. Korean J Radiol 2018, 19(3):526-533.