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ultrasound machine V8

EleV8 to Excellence

Receive exclusive saving offers simply by submitting a demo request for Samsung’s latest ultrasound innovation, V8.

Unifying intelligence and performance

Built to deliver comfort to both healthcare professionals and patients, the V8 premium ultrasound system enhances workflow and patient throughput in women's healthcare. Powered by Samsung's Crystal Architecture and Intelligent Assist features, V8 helps streamline processes and boost confidence even in complex women's exams, as well as help communicate results easily with patients.

V8 premium ultrasound system enhancing workflow of the Healthcare professionals and patient care V8 premium ultrasound system enhancing workflow of the Healthcare professionals and patient care V8 premium ultrasound system enhancing workflow of the Healthcare professionals and patient care
Redefined imaging technologies powered by Crystal Architecture

Crystal Architecture, an imaging architecture that combines CrystalBeam and CrystalLive, based upon S-Vue Transducer, provides a crystal clear image. CrystalBeam is a new beamforming technology beneficial in delivering high-quality image resolution and increased uniformity of images. CrystalLive is Samsung’s up-to-date ultrasound imaging engine with enhanced 2D image processing, 3D rendering and color signal processing, to offer outstanding image performance and efficient workflow during complex cases.

health care images : Crystal Architecture™ health care images : Crystal Architecture™ health care images : Crystal Architecture™

Exquisite imaging quality for reliability and confidence

Gain insight into the problem based on exceptional image performance powered by Samsung’s core imaging engine, Crystal Architecture. The premium imaging engine combines the benefits of enhanced 2D image processing, realistic 3D rendering and detailed expression of color signal processing.

Enhance hidden structures in shadowed regions

imaging solutions : ShadowHDR™ Fetal brain / Fetal brain with ShadowHDR

ShadowHDR selectively applies high-frequency and low-frequency of the ultrasound to identify shadow areas such as fetal head or spine where attenuation occurs.


Reduce noise to improve 2D image quality

imaging solutions : ClearVision Fetal abdomen / Fetal abdomen with ClearVision

ClearVision The noise reduction filter improves edge enhancement and creates sharp 2D images for optimal diagnostic performance. In addition, ClearVision provides application-specific optimization and advanced temporal resolution in live scan mode.


High definition volume imaging

imaging solutions : HDVI™ Early fetus / Early fetus with HDVI

HDVI ¹ is a volume filtering technology that improves visualization of edges and small structures in volume data. Upgraded marginal expression and image saturation expresses the very details from angle to shadow of the fetus.


Visualize slow flow in microvascular structures

Color imaging : MV-Flow™ Fetal brain with MV-Flow

MV-Flow ¹ offers an advanced color imaging for visualizing slow flow of microvascularized structures. High frame rates and advanced filtering enable MV-Flow to provide a detailed view of blood flow in relation to surrounding tissue or pathology with enhanced spatial resolution.


Show blood flow in vessels in a 3D like display

Color imaging : LumiFlow™ 1st trimester (S-Flow with LumiFlow)

LumiFlow ¹ is a function that visualizes blood flow in three dimensional-like to help understand the structure of blood flow and small vessels intuitively.


Express 3D anatomy in detailed and realistic view

3d imaging : RealisticVue™ Fetal face with RealisticVue

RealisticVue ¹ displays high resolution 3D anatomy with detailed expression and realistic depth perception. User selectable light source direction creates intricately graduated shadows for better defined anatomical structures.


Visualize internal and external structures by volume rendering

3d imaging : CrystalVue™ Fetal spine with CrystalVue

CrystalVue ¹ is an advanced volume rendering technology that enhances visualization of both internal and external structures in a single rendered image using a combination of intensity, gradient and position.


Intelligent Assist tools for efficient examination

Simplify operations with built-in Intelligent Assist features specialized for obstetrics and gynecology.
V8 supports healthcare professionals with the time-saving features they need in today’s busy working environment.
The system is equipped with a range of tools that help accurately diagnose issues and achieve greater throughput.
For instance, ViewAssist™’s amazing features automatically perform measurements and annotations
with a simple click of a button, thereby reducing repetitive tasks for healthcare professionals.

An automated classification and annotation of the images
ViewAssist™ ¹ a feature based on Deep Learning technology, provides automatic classification of the ultrasound images and annotation of the structures to help healthcare professionals in convenient measurement.
ob ultrasound tech : ViewAssist™ ViewAssist™ with Fetal Echo 4CH
Family planning
Measure the size of follicles based on 2D
2D Follicle ¹ is a function to measure the size of follicles based on 2D image and to provide information about the status during controlled ovarian simulation.
ob gyn ultrasound : 2D Follicle™ 2D Follicle
Assess the risk of infertility
5D Follicle ¹ identifies and measures multiple ovarian follicles in one scan for rapid assessment of follicular size and status during controlled ovarian simulation. This feature uses 3D volume data to help acquire accurate measurement and reduces user variation.
ultrasound obgyn : 5D Follicle™ 5D Follicle
Examine patency of the fallopian tube and morphology of uterus and endometrium
CEUS+ HyCoSy ¹ can be used in 3D/4D for effective examination for patency of the fallopian tube and morphology of uterus and endometrium. 4D Prospective storage allows 4D data to be stored at the same time the contrast agent is injected.
Healthy pregnancy_biometry
An automated fetal biometry measurement
BiometryAssist™ ¹, a feature based on Deep Learning technology, is an automatic technology for biometric measurement. It enables users to measure the fetal growth parameters with one click while maintaining exam consistency.
medical diagnostics : BiometryAssist™ BiometryAssist™ ¹
Estimate fetal weight for checking growth of the fetus
5D Limb Vol. ¹ is a semi-automated tool to quickly and accurately measure upper arm or thigh volumes from 3 simple seed points on a single volume data set. These measurements can then be used to calculate an accurate estimation of fetal weight as well as provide additional information regarding fetal nutritional status.
Measure fetal brain in one click
5D CNS+ ¹uses intelligent navigation to provide 6 measurements from 3 transverse views of the fetal brain to enhance measurement reproducibility and streamlined workflow.
5d ultrasound : 5D CNS+™ 5D CNS+
Healthy pregnancy_diagnosis
Measure NT using automatic detection of mid-sagittal plane
5D NT ¹ provides the midsagittal plane view automatically by rotating and magnifying the images when measuring the nuchal translucency (NT) of the fetus in early weeks.
5d ultrasound : 5D NT™ 5D NT
Examine fetal heart including blood flow dynamics
5D Heart Color ¹ identifies 9 standard planes of the heart using fetal STIC data and important information about fetal heart development complying to the AIUM guideline. It also offers dedicated Preset, Predictive Cursor, Diagnostic Alert, and heart Diastole/Systole timepoints.
Healthy birth
AI Support in deciding delivery method
LaborAssist ¹ is a function that provides information about the progress of delivery from the automatic measurement of the AoP (Angle of Progress) and the direction of the fetal head. This helps in making delivery decisions and in effective communication with the mother about the delivery process.
Measure stiffness of cervix area for predicting preterm birth
E-Cervix ¹ measures stiffness of the cervical area. Using elasticity images that help predict preterm birth and induced labor, it enhances reproductivity and reduces inter-observer variation by using a sum of various elastograms acquired for several seconds.
Gynecology & breast health
Analyze selected breast lesions and report breast assessment
S-Detect for Breast¹, analyzes selected lesions in the breast ultrasound study and shows the analyzed data, applying BI-RADS ATLAS* to provide standardized reporting to improve streamlined workflow. ※ BI-RADS ATLAS: Breast Imaging-Reporting and Data System, Atlas, registered trademark of ACR and all rights reserved by ACR.
ultrasound for breast and care for breast : 5D NT™ S-Detect for Breast
Measure the size and shape of the uterus with AI technology
UterineAssist™ ¹, based on Deep Learning technology, automatically measures the size and shape of the uterus, assisting in detecting signs of uterine-related abnormalities, as well as reducing scan time.
medical diagnostics : UterineAssist™ UterineAssist™ ¹
Classify ovarian tumor
IOTA-ADNEX * ¹ is an ovarian tumor classification solution of IOTA Group. Applying the ADNEX model to the system, it can perform all procedures from the initial scan to the final report in the ultrasound diagnosis system. ※ IOTA-ADNEX: International Ovarian Tumor Analysis-Assessment of Different NEoplasias in the adnexa

Re-engineered workflow and design for a simplified process

Ease your day by streamlining workflow with V8's convenient features and collaborative solutions that reduce multiple tasks into just a few steps and keystrokes. How we display the scan data more easily and precisely is an important focus for the user experience. The ergonomic design makes effective use of the user’s working environment to assure utility and productivity.

Real-time image streaming solution
SonoSync is available in PC and smartphone, etc. as a real-time image share solution that allows communication for care guide and training between doctors and sonographers.
In addition, voice chatting, text chatting and real-time marking functions are provided for better communication; and the MultiVue function is included that allows monitoring multiple ultrasound images on a single screen.
* SonoSync is an image sharing solution, not a diagnostic solution.
telesonography : SonoSync™
Compare previous and current exam in a side-by-side display
EzCompare automatically matches the image settings, annotations, and bodymarkers from the prior study.
Compare ultrasound images : EzCompare™
Simple transfer of fetal ultrasound images and clips
HelloMom ¹, simple and secure image sharing solution that generates a QR code for the selected fetal images to be transferred. HelloMom™ allows pregnant women and their family to download fetal ultrasound images simply by scanning the QR code with their smartphones, reducing the hassle of installing a separate application.
Share fetal images : HelloMom™
See images in expanded view
The ultrasound examination can be performed while viewing the images and cines that are expanded at various ratios according to the user preference.
See images in expanded view and enhance workflow efficiency : Expanded view
Select transducer and preset combinations in one click
Select most common ultrasound transducer : QuickPreset
QuickPreset allows the user to select the most common transducer and preset combinations in one click.
Select most common ultrasound transducer : QuickPreset
Easily manipulate volume data from the touchscreen
Rotate, zoom, crop, and move 3D images : TouchGesture
TouchGesture intuitively allows you to rotate, zoom, crop, and move 3D images right from the touchscreen.
Rotate, zoom, crop, and move 3D images : TouchGesture
Customize frequently used functions on the touchscreen
personalized ultrasound : TouchEdit
Touch Edit, a customizable touchscreen, allows the user to move frequently used functions to the first page.
personalized ultrasound : TouchEdit
ultrasound obgyn V8 with ultrasound probe
Adjust touch screen to user's viewing preferences : 14 inch tilting touch screen
14 inch tilting touch screen
Samsung’s tilting touch screen can be adjusted to accommodate user’s viewing preferences in any scanning environment.
Assign functions near the trackball : Contextual Button
Assign functions to the buttons near the trackball
Depending on the ultrasound inspection items, the functions assigned to the buttons around the trackball can be utilized to reduce the hassle of menu selection.
Saving image data directly to USB memory
Save image data directly to USB memory
QuickSave function allows image data to be saved directly on USB memory during the exam.
Use ultrasound equipment with battery when AC power is unavailable : BatteryAssist™
Use the system when AC power is temporarily unavailable
BatteryAssist ¹ provides battery power to the system, enabling users to perform scans when AC power is temporarily unavailable. It also allows to transport the ultrasound system to another location and start to scan right away.
Letting heat out and reducing fan noise : Effective cooling system
Effective cooling system
An effective airflow system cools down the ultrasound system by constantly letting heat out and reducing fan noise.
eco friendly materials : Recycled materials
Recycled materials
Eco-friendly resin cover is applied to the air vent exterior cover, outlining Samsung's efforts towards a greener tomorrow.

Secure Your Care

Samsung Healthcare Cybersecurity

  • Intrusion Prevention

    Tools for protecting against cyber threats from external attacks

  • Access Control

    Strengthened surveillance for tracking the access of patient information

  • Data Protection

    Encryption functions for safeguarding data whether at-rest or in-transit


EleV8 to Excellence

Receive exclusive saving offers simply by submitting a demo request for Samsung’s latest ultrasound innovation, V8.

  • This product, features, options, and transducers are not commercially available in all countries.
  • Sales and Shipments are effective only after the approval by the regulatory affairs.
  • Please contact your local sales representative for further details.
  • This product is a medical device, please read the user manual carefully before use.
  • Optional feature which may require additional purchase.
  • S-Vue Transducer is the name of Samsung’s advanced transducer technology.
  • Strain value for ElastoScan+ is not applicable in Canada and the United States.
  • Recommendations about whether results are benign or malignant in S-Detect are not applicable in the United States.
  • A purchase of Mobile Export option is required to use HelloMom™.

Value Package

  • 1 Visualize slow flow in
    microvascular structures

    Kidney with MV-Flow
  • 2 Show blood flow in vessels
    in a 3D like display

    Thyroid nodule (S-Flow with LumiFlow)
  • 3 3D data manipulation tool
    To improve diagnostic accuracy

  • 4 DICOM
    (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine)

* Depending on the regional regulations and policies, the promotion offers may vary and may not be available in some countries.

The described product information, including features and options, is CE marked. Regulatory approval/clearance status may vary by country. CE 0123