SMART Center

SMART Analytics, Ready to Act

SMART Center is an enterprise-level quality and asset monitoring solution which aggregates data from multiple Samsung Digital Radiography devices into one easy-to-use platform. Minimize downtime and reduce unnecessary hassle by having central control over your DR systems.


Overview the summary information of
Reject, Productivity, Detector Shock,
and Dose at a glance

Dashboard Screen

Improved Quality of Care

Reject Analysis

Obtain data aggregation with zero click and make quick decisions for targeted training

SMART Center displays reject reports which cover your entire hospital or health system, allowing you to improve quality of care throughout your enterprise. With functions that drill down and filter data, you can track and identify individual performance; anatomical areas of concern; and even potential equipment issues; all with a few clicks from your desk.

See the data you want with the filter & drill down functions
Review rejected images right away

Dose Analysis

Analyze anatomical regions whose dose values may be out of range

SMART Center improves the quality and training of low dose practices throughout your department by helping you identify the outliers. Monitor and control dose levels based on EI, DI and DAP targets improving on both image quality and dose exposure to your patient.

Identify which anatomy view is out of DI range
Average EI, DI and DAP by Anatomy View

Resource Optimization

Productivity Analysis

Increase productivity and through by efficiently managing resources

SMART Center helps you review how productive your department is by technologist; time of day; system; and anatomical region. Manage your fleet and improve your productivity by allocating resources based on data, and build best practices within your team using key performance metrics.

Allow managers to allocate human resource efficiently
Identify the trend of usage volume for device maintenance
Analysis by Technologist, Hospital, Device and Anatomy View

Detector Shock Analysis

Reduce downtime by preventing incautious use of detectors

SMART Center keeps track of instances where the detector receives shock. Users can analyze whether a certain area of the hospital is more prone to shocks, and arrange for training to reduce cases, thereby preventing inadequate use of detectors and ultimately minimizing downtime.

Analysis by Detector, Technologist, Hospital and Time of Day
With Auto Email Alert,
respond quickly to critical
detector shock*

* This feature is only for AccE Detector.

Standardized Management

User & Device Management

Standardize reject reasons and centralize device and user management

SMART center allows users to easily administer their enterprise from a central location: add and delete hospitals, groups, users, devices and detectors with ease. When a staff member is hired, leaves, or even changes their name, it is easy to centrally change the login information, reducing unnecessary hassle.

  • Reject Analysis
  • Dose Analysis
  • Dose Analysis
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Detector Shock Analysis
  • Detector Shock Analysis

SMART Center and its functions may not be available in your country. To check availability, please contact your local Samsung representative.