Value-up Package 2021

The latest solution to value-up your experience

Samsung highly values every customer’s insights. We have been striving to improve its features and values of digital radiography systems based on the customer’s point of view, covering from intuitive, desirable and adaptable flat GUI to workflow improvement featured solutions for your consideration. Check out our latest solution and achieve quality care experience for your hospital.

Voice Guide

Instruct positioning conveniently with pre-recorded comments

For radiologic technologists, it can be a burden to repeat the same comments to each patient, such as breath in/hold, do not move, etc. Voice Guide helps to reduce user fatigue and improve efficiency. Using hotkeys (F1~F8), you can conveniently deliver pre-recorded comments and it also helps to alleviate language barriers with foreign-language speaking patients.

Pre-recorded voice command played with the hotkey control

* The instruction voice requires the user to pre-record.

Image Auto Rotation

Your x-ray image just rotated to the correct orientation.

In portable exams, radiologic technologists rotate images after the acquisition as the image orientation depends on the exam environment. Image Auto Rotation automatically rotates the image by recognizing the top of the chest image based on AI technology. It minimizes repetitive processes on chest examinations, leading to the improved workflow.

* Under ±50 degree tilted image would not be worked and the rotation works by 90 degree.

* Limited to Chest AP/PA and infantogram protocol.

Additional Patient Information

Automatic informative signs that protect you and your patient

Additional Patient Information feature shows intuitive infection and fall risk information & order comments to support correct action for each patient. The signs come with five types of infections such as airborne/ blood/ contact/ droplet/ isolation and fall risk information alongside order comments by physicians. This can keep patients ad staff safe as we can respond to the possible risks and take preemptive measures.

Additional Patient Info.

* Infection control information is according to the CDC guideline.

Detector Connection Alarm

Pop-up and sound alerts for users with Wi-Fi connection status monitoring feature

Detector Connection Alarm feature will help alleviate concerns of the hospital staff, using wireless detectors in busy work schedules, such as keeping the detector from leaving on a patient’s bed after a bedside exam.

* Value-up Package 2021 is available on AccE GC85A, AccE GM85 and GR40CW.

* Voice Guide is only for AccE GC85A.

* S-AlignTM Info. to DICOM is only for AccE GC85A and AccE GM85.

* Regulatory approval/clearance status for Retrieving Image from Detector feature may vary by country.