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Samsung highly values every customer’s insights. We have been striving to improve its features and values of digital radiography systems based on the customer’s point of view, covering from intuitive, desirable and adaptable flat GUI to workflow improvement featured solutions for your consideration. Check out our latest solution and achieve quality care experience for your hospital.

Prior Exam Review

Display immediately previous images and exposure parameters of the patient being examined

  • Seamless workflow that simplifies a 3-step process with one click
  • Improve image consistency and reduce retake with quick comparison

Prior Exam Review is only for AccEGM85 and GM85 Fit

Image Auto Rotation

Your x-ray image just rotated to the correct orientation.

  • Streamlined workflow and faster exams
  • Reduce concerns regarding the orientation of the detector or the direction of the patient
  • 97% average accuracy
  • Under ±50 degree tilted image would not be worked and the rotation works by 90 degree.

Bariatric Exposure Management

Provide extended size options and optimized preset for up to 2X-large patients

  • Seamless workflow that simplifies a 3-step process with one click
  • Enhance patient safety through tailored dose control



AI Technology for Reducing Scatter Radiation Effects

SimGrid™ is a deep learning algorithm that improves image contrast by reducing scatter radiation effects,
creating better image quality without the need for portable grids.

  • Improve the image contrast without physical grids
Without SimGrid™
With SimGrid™

These images were taken with GM85.

Value-up Package 2022 is available on AccE GC85A, AccE GM85, GM85 Fit and GR40CW.